July 01, 2020  

Feds seize products made from suspected human hair in crackdown on China forced labor

Federal customs officers in Newark, N.J., seized a huge shipment of products that officials suspect  ...View More

Roberts drifts away from conservative bloc, angering Republicans and exciting the left

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts’ role as the court’s new swing vote has become abundantly a ...View More

Kristen Bell: 8 Fascinating Facts About The Frozen Star

It Took Time For Kristen Bell’s Daughters To Become Frozen FansWhile it sounds like every child's dr ...View More

Michael Jackson's daughter Paris recalls star's 'teasing' about girlfriends

Michael Jackson's daughter Paris has said she does not focus on the sex of her partners and has spok ...View More

Coronavirus immunity levels 'higher than antibody tests suggest', claims study

More people have got immunity to coronavirus than antibody tests suggest, according to new research  ...View More

Trump threatens veto of defense bill over amendment renaming bases that honor Confederates

President Trump late Tuesday night threatened to veto the must-pass bill to fund the military for th ...View More

US rapper Jordan Groggs has died aged 32, bandmates confirm

Tributes are being paid to US rapper Jordan Groggs, who has died at the age of 32.

'Wear a damn mask,' says Jennifer Aniston as coronavirus cases surge

Jennifer Aniston has posted a picture of herself wearing a mask and urged fans to do the same as cor ...View More

Facebook bans hundreds of profiles trying to incite second civil war in the US

Facebook has banned 315 accounts which it said belonged to "Boogaloos" - participants in an extremis ...View More

Terry Crews criticised for saying Black Lives Matter must not become 'Black Lives Better'

America's Got Talent host Terry Crews has come under fire for saying the Black Lives Matter movement ...View More

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